1977 Tour of the Scioto River Valley
16th Annual TOSRV Bicycle Ride
Columbus, Ohio
May 7 & 8, 1977
Columbus to Portsmouth Day 1 Saturday
Portsmouth to Columbus Day 2 Sunday

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1977 Official TOSRV Patch from registration packet

Gary Showalter with a trusty Viscount bicycle with the all aluminum "death" fork - still have it!

CAY Building, Portsmouth, Ohio, north side of town, between 23rd and 24th streets ~

Roosevelt (City School), Coles Blvd, Portsmouth, Ohio
North edge of town

Sunday breakfast was scheduled at Crispie Creme Donuts, near Gallia and Waller Streets, downtown Portsmouth

Chillicothe, Ohio, Mead Park food stop
#2 on Saturday
#3 Sunday

This picture is labeled #3 stop, but it may be #4 stop Sunday at Brook Yates School, Hwy. 104, west of Circleville, Ohio.

Registration packet envelope for the 1977 tour

1977 rider's identification number 1850

Top portion of rider's map, front side

Bottom portion of rider's map, front side

Backside of rider's map

Rider's map of Portsmouth, front side

Rider's map of Portsmouth, backside

210 mile completion certificate for the 1977 tour

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